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Manage, Mitigate, & Minimize Business Risks effectively using Automation & Artificial Intelligence

Risk is inherent in any Business, irrespective of the Industry. Whether it is Financial, Retail, Technology or Energy sector, the expanding Risk Universe has made it obvious that efficient Enterprise Risk Management processes are the ones that manage, mitigate and minimize Business Risks. However, complex, multi layered and dynamically changing Business Landscape requires automated, intuitive, agile, mobile, scalable, advanced and innovative ERM Framework.

 A Business can be around for decades but with new disruptive Technologies, the Risks are many fold.

Robust ERM Framework for dynamic challenges

Businesses today are globally integrated where increased Regulations, Disruptive Technologies, Hackers, geopolitical shifts, Cybercrime and data breaches are now becoming a regular part of the Business environment. How to address these Risks in real time so as to avoid high impact damages and maintain (and grow) brand value and reputation are the top agendas in Boardroom discussions. With Information Security and Data Privacy becoming more important than ever, Cyber Risk Governance has become a major challenge for Board of Directors and C-Suite executives. It’s crucial here to have a thorough understanding of the nature of the emerging Risks and have an all-inclusive framework for Risk Management that has features of Real time Reporting & Collaboration and provides transparent information on key Risk metrics like Impact, Probability, Value and Geo-spatial Risk Location. 

Acing Enterprise Risk Management with the award winning, patent pending and  innovative Governance as a Service® platform

ConfidentG Enterprise Risk Management application built on the number 1 Cloud Computing platform, is powered by Geo-spatial mapping for seeing Risks at the exact location, Einstein Analytics for dynamic Reporting & Risk Severity Analysis, real time Chatter Collaboration for Secure and Easy communication with full version control and visibility into key metrics like Risk Probability, Value and Impact. The application aids in viewing Risks across multiple dimensions & various Frameworks, Prioritizing & Mitigating Risks in Real time.

With the features of the application, you can

  • Track your global Governance, Risk & Compliance data using graphical Visualizations of dynamic, intuitive & interactive Dashboards 
  • Create Customized Dashboards as per your Business requirements for Real time Reportin
  • Share the Dashboards with your team members & Collaborate on them to increase Efficiency

ConfidentG platform is an agile framework for comprehensive & integrated representation of Risks, Rules, Regulations, Policies & Governance. Confident Governance not only provides a technical Framework from which to evolve your ERM Policies and Rules, but also it promotes collaboration among employees across different teams and segments. Using the powerful tool, you can now take your Risk, Compliance, Internal Audit and Governance Processes to a whole new level of Efficiency and Effectiveness by leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence powered Analytics in the innovative Governance as a Service GRC Product Suite and thereby use the insights for Strategic Planning & Execution making Governance your Competitive Advantage.

Stay tuned for more insightful posts on Cyber Governance.

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