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Technology has always shaped history, a Company’s growth, Progress and Business culture. Big Data Analytics, Advanced Algorithms, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud-computing are some of today’s Emerging Technologies that will transform the Business Landscape in future.

At EnCrisp, utilizing the Number 1 Cloud-computing platform,, your Business Processes are given Security, Scalability, Flexibility and Mobility that it requires in the dynamically evolving Geo-political and Socio-Economic landscape.

Internal threats come from Employee misconduct, a lack of proper oversight of third-party vendors and the misuse of Data. The external Risks can include Data breaches, Industry Regulations and Financial Risks. Solutions we offer for effectively identifying and mitigating these Risks are:

Centralization of Data                             Dynamic Reporting/Dashboarding

Real time Collaboration                          File sharing with full version control

Integrated Risk mapping                        Predictive Analytics

Automated Reporting                             Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device Governance

GDPR Compliance                                   Rapid-response Cyber Security

Here are some of the major reasons for you to collaborate with us:

  1. We create mobility for global teams that can connect your employees anytime, on any device, from anywhere in the world. This is brought through the Enhanced Experience of our Cloud Computing platform.
  2. Enhanced Data Privacy Controls.
  3. Robust platforms and services to address Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) processes along with Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) issues.
  4. Secure Monitoring Governance for Chatter making Business collaboration safe.
  5. Security Risk Governance with a centralized system to manage Regulatory Compliance using Rich Business Rules which brings into alignment Compliance processes with Standardized Workflows.
  6. Crowd sourcing Risk Management allows you identify, track and monitor to mitigate Social risks.
  7. Agile Policy Management offers Policy professionals to discover and map rules and regulations.
  8. Agile GDPR Compliance Management to be GDPR Compliant at all times.
  9. Enterprise Risk Management that leverages Geo-spatial mapping and Artificial Intelligence powered Wave Analytics for Reporting & Risk Severity Analysis. You can view Risks across a single or multiple dimensions with different Frameworks. 
  10. Fraud Risk Assessment for transparency and clearly defined Policies and Rules. All of these user-friendly features offer easy connectivity on the go and are critical solutions integral to your Company’s success. We bring to you holistic, well-rounded and enhanced capabilities. We’re on top of the ever-changing Business landscape whether that is Operational, Technology, Regulation or Financial Risks, so that you are focused on the things that matter most to your Organization’s success that’s Revenues, Profits, Sustainability and Growth. Together we go ahead, realizing the best is yet to be.