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Making HIPAA Compliance an intuitive process with Governance as a Service® platform

HIPAA Compliance An Intuitive Process With Governance As A Service® Platform - Confidentgovernance.Com

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 legislation came into action for the Healthcare Industry to protect patients’ medical information in terms of Data privacy. Even though it is more than twenty years old, it is relevant today in light of digital breaches, cyber attacks, and ransomware. In 2017, there were more than 400 breaches that affected 5.6 million patient records. This underlines the importance for Healthcare Companies to being HIPAA Compliance. A patient’s health records are very important to protect the privacy of. also, It also needs to be available to the relevant medical professionals at any given time.

Hospitals and individual doctors alike, need to comply with HIPAA Compliance for a variety of reasons, including protecting privacy and allowing for a transparent system that allows healthcare providers and organizations to facilitate better Governance.

Confident Governance’s innovative Governance as a Service® Platform allows Compliance to be governed at all times to avoid costly mistakes, whether it is administrative or technical. Non-Compliance to Industry Regulations can not only cost money but also put on stake valuable trust built up over the years. Organizational or Administrative, Technological and Physical controls provide the foundation for CEs, BAs and those who need to show HIPAA compliance.

The administrative responsibilities include:

Access to Information, Security Training, Delegated Security Responsibility, Security Standard, Evaluation and Contingency plans.

Technological controls include:

Audit Control, Data Integrity (ePHI information), Security Control (encryption) and Access (unique id, automatic logoff).

Physical controls include:

Access to dedicated centers where computers, servers, and device controls are in place, storage, data backup, facility security, and contingency plans. With all regulations, there has to be transparency and accountability for all processes that are linked to complying with laws. for the reason that It is also important that the systems in place can be subjected to an external, independent audit.

Consequently, A major reason for cyber threats across any Industry Vertical is the absence of an articulated Information Technology Governance strategy. similarly, This is because healthcare providers are in the business of medicine and not IT.

How can Confident Governance help with the complexities of HIPAA Compliance?

Confident Governance provides customized solutions to  unique Business’ requirements and enables:

  • Agile Compliance for multi-dimensional Regulatory Compliance.
  • Agile Policy Management for formulating & implementing policies at different hierarchy levels.
  • Agile Framework for comprehensive & integrated representation of Risks, Rules, Regulations, Policies & Governance.

With the latest in Emerging Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, and Cloud Computing, this Cyber Governance platform offers Transparency and Real-time Reporting capabilities.

All of this into an Agile, Mobile, Secure and Scalable platform to assist Risk, Governance and Compliance officers to govern their Processes Anytime, Anywhere and on Any device. At Confident Governance, our mission is to assist Companies worldwide be truly Confident in their HIPAA Compliance requirements.

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