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Emerging Technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Advanced Algorithms, Automation and Robotics will define the future Opportunities, Risks and Challenges for Organizations across the world in the areas of Cyber security, Governance, Compliance, Audit and Risk Management. These advanced technologies present unanticipated Risks, and also unprecedented opportunities. At EnCrisp, we believe in leveraging these opportunities that an inter-connected, technology-driven world has to offer for long term Positive Growth, Sustainability and Business Success.

As a Cyber Governance consulting firm, we leverage the Number 1 Cloud-computing platform in the world,, to your Company’s strategic advantage. We offer Cyber Security Risk Management, Audit & Compliance Automation through advanced platforms, to accelerate your approach in the dynamically changing Corporate and Regulatory Compliance environment and increased focus on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance along with developing Sustainability Initiatives.

From identifying your needs to the successful deployment of business-wide services, we enhance your Organizations’ abilities, provide flexibility in a rapidly-changing Business environment, create an Agile system and Scale it to grow with you.

Starting with identifying Risks and addressing them, we provide mission-critical information that is key to your decision-making. There are an array of Risks involved for businesses. Cyber security, Regulatory, Financial, Operational and ESG are the most important. Most Companies view Cyber security from a threat-perspective. We believe that, though there are Risks, Cyber Governance is an opportunity. By building a flexible and robust defense you can gain the Confidence of your Customers, Employees and all Stakeholders involved.

We also help you in understanding complex Industry Regulations and demonstrate the necessary Compliance. Financial and Operational Risks are also important to understand and address. And although ESG (Environmental Social & Governance) Risks are relatively new, that doesn’t mean it’s less important. In fact, solving ESG issues with Transparency, Efficiency and the resulting communication to all investors and stakeholders involved, you can work it to your competitive advantage. Businesses across the world are changing, Data has become very important, Laws are being adopted rigorously and Strategies are shifting. In this interesting landscape, EnCrisp delivers the Business-critical Solutions your Organization needs.

Our Governance as a Service® platform and approach is designed to help you, no matter what your Industry is, while maintaining the highest standards conforming to Compliance and Risk Management. By utilizing the power of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics and Cloud-Computing, we offer cost-effective scalable solutions, whether you are a small Business or a Multi-National Company. With strategies like Dynamic Reporting, Customized Dashboards and Real-Time Collaboration, we don’t just offer what a select-few also offer, we transform your Business one-level up. These solutions are for a wide range of Organizations and with us, you are rest assured that you are miles ahead in the Competition.