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EnCrisp ® delivers the ONLY global training in ERP Compliance and Security in all the major ERP’s  -  SAP, PeopleSoft or Oracle tracks.

EnCrisp’s world class Solutions have been crystallized into the EnCrisp Educational Academy. It delivers numerous Resilient GRC & Solution Management driven training courses to understand and minimize Risk & build Resilient GRC foundation. We provide real life practical training curriculum to all levels or organization from Board level to Security technicians to embed the Resilient GRC in the daily operations DNA.

EnCrisp World Class Resilient GRC & Solution Management Training focuses on ERP Technologies (such as SAP and Microsoft), Green Economy and Environmental Sustainability, Security Architecture, Governance and Compliance, Application Lifecycle Management, Risk Management. Each training session that we conduct is customized to the needs of the audience and the company or organization for which the scope, nature and practical case-studies are custom-crafted. As part of each training class, we distribute take-aways to all attendees with best-of-breed audit checklists, vendor documentation and links to useful websites.

In addition to working with ISACA and IIA Chapters around the world, EnCrisp provides on-site, customizable training for Sarbanes-Oxley Sustainability and roll-out methodologies for private and public companies. For governmental entities, EnCrisp’s programs focus on the security, controls and compliance aspects of IT use in governmental applications.

Listed below is our constantly evolving and updated training courses and seminars portfolio. Further details can be provided upon unique requirements of each of our student organizations.  

EnCT01 - Resilient GRC
  • In this course you will understand how to navigate the Governance Risk and Compliance management (GRC) within their complex landscapes.
  • Know How to embed GRC as Sustainable DNA within an enterprise, with Risk and the aftermath of mismanaging it all around us.
  • Get Familiar with Principles & Correlation of Governance Risk Management & Compliance.
  • Understand Sarbanes-Oxley, OMB A-123, Myriads of Privacy laws and similar regulatory concerns for Complex IT applications,
  • Learn to document and test security & internal IT controls as well as relating them to business.
EnCT02 - IT Auditing
  • Understand information systems and be able to function within a technical environment.
  • Learn the Fundamentals of information technology that you need to know in order to address the audit concerns within your IT Landscapes.
  • Get familiar with necessary controls for application systems which align with Business.
  • Learn how to build an Ideal Organization Structure within an Enterprise to help fight the challenges in the Modern world.
  • Know the techniques for auditing automated systems and examine the impact of Regulations on IT audit.
  • Take home the Best Practices Framework to help design key Control’s within your Organization.
EnCT03 - SAP ERP Security
  • Hands-on learning and understanding of SAP security architecture concepts and design techniques.
  • The training course will discuss the basic mechanics of the different Components of SAP system, security and controls design techniques and audit protocols used in SAP
  • Know the Authorization concept which helps you to Design Security at Grass root level.
  • Learn how to Leverage SAP Tools to drive your Compliance Programs.
  • Take home check list of key Reports to simplify your Technical Assurance Audit.
  • Get thorough understanding of SAP Net weaver (Java Based) security.
EnCT04 - Oracle ERP Security
  • Understand how the implementation of Oracle Applications will impact the audit of your organization.
  • Know the useful Oracle tools and reports for security as well as Oracle features and functions used to evaluate security
  • Rekindle your Technical Assurance audit to provide an effective and efficient audit in an Oracle Apps environment.
  • Understand the module structure and technical components of Oracle Applications.
  • Learn how to design & Monitor Controls for Oracle Apps.
  • Get peek into Database Security Architecture.
EnCT05 - PeopleSoft ERP Security
  • Learn PeopleSoft security functionality; examine 2 and 3 tier hierarchies.
  • Understand the Workflow functionality as well as Security Administration features.
  • Understand How to build resilient Security Controls for PeopleSoft without getting lost in the Technical Layers.
  • Gain knowledge of Customization involved in PeopleSoft to Align with your Business Needs.
  • The course will cover Tools available to help your Compliance Initiatives with PeopleSoft.
EnCT06 - Microsoft Server/DB Security
  • This course provides learners with the skills necessary to Secure at the same time help fulfil Compliance needs for Windows Server & SQL Server Software.
  • Key Configurations for Secured Win Server & SQL Server.
  • Techniques to Design Controls to complement Resilient Security Architecture.
  • Learn to do detailed audit of an Active Directory network, an infrastructure technology that effect: All Windows servers and workstations on the network
  • Know how to enable Logging functionality for detailed Tracking.
EnCT07 - Risk Program Management
  • Know Today’s organization is a complex multiplicity of global processes and business relationships.
  • Learn to effectively enable your organization to anticipate and manage business risk while more effectively delivering value for the organization
  • Get familiar with Processes for IT decision-making and risk management in order to minimize risks which are more costly than ever before.
  • Take home Modern day Tools & Techniques for Enterprise Risk Management.
EnCT08 - SAP Solution Management
  • This course covers all key aspects of solution deployment, operation, and continuous improvement of SAP Solution Manager.
  • Learn how to include Satellite systems into your Solution Management Landscape.
  • Be the first to learn the newly introduced ‘RunSAP’ methodology with Run SAP Certified Company.
  • Get detailed understanding of Installation & Configuration procedure for latest Solution Manager Version.
  • Take home Security Architecture document for SAP Solution Manager.
EnCT09 - Sustainable Green Governance
  • Sustainability factors play a part in all areas of Enterprise Governance Risk and Compliance.
  • Learn various techniques to help your Offices Go Green.
  • Take home the List of Alternative means to avoid Pollution.
  • Get familiar with Enterprise wide Go Green Program.
  • Be prepared for the Green Energy Regulations.
  • Learn how you can make a difference by doing your part for Greener Earth.

To obtain additional info on how encrisp can fulfill your specific training needs and help you and your company with GRC & Solution Management initiatives year on Year, Please visit us regularly

CPE will be provided for each training class that we conduct.