Custom Controls Software


EnCrisp ®’s global delivery model benefits our customers by providing the ability to create customized controls automation tools exactly fitted to customer’s requirements.  The customized toolkits that are tailored for your business are rich in content and product features, but simple to install and use. We co-develop the product scope and design specs with our customers and deliver unparalleled expertise in assurance and compliance during the building of such customized tools.

We specialize in tool design with features such as Dashboard reports, Methodology and framework linkages, and links to resources, training manuals and examples based on proven best practices, along with pre-loaded business rules and content tailored to your company and audit firm’s requirements. All software features are designed to provide you with the ability to enter, monitor, and audit your compliance program and associated documentation as the needs maybe in a given customer situation.

Available solutions range from simple, single instance tools leveraging Microsoft office technology that most people are already familiar with, or to comprehensive suites designed to support complex applications. Each solution has been designed to allow quick and easy implementation, as well as low-overhead in use and administration.  The tool categories include:

  • Compliance Tools
  • Compliance Framework Harmonization
  • Security Management
  • Enterprise Risk & Performance Management

All of the Custom Control Solutions offered by EnCrisp® can be tailored for the size, complexity and budget of your company.  Contact us for more information on how a customized and affordable compliance / audit tool for your ’unique’ business can help in sustaining Sarbanes-Oxley compliance program and improve performance and operations of your business at the lowest possible cost.