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ClearGRC ® : Enterprise Controls Utilization and Risk Elimination Suite from EnCrisp®

As a professional technology services firm specializing in Enterprise Controls and Risk Management in SAP and other enterprise applications, EnCrisp®’s world class expert consultants incorporate latest advances in technology, best practices and a global services delivery model to create custom solutions designed to meet the real-time demands of global enterprises and governmental entities for secure, available and continuously controlled information. EnCrisp®’s solutions are delivered in a packaged services model and are led by world-class subject matter experts.

At the heart of the EnCrisp®’s packaged services delivery model is our proprietary ClearGRC™ Methodology (Enterprise Controls Utilization and Risk Elimination). ClearGRC™ has been developed with many years of hands-on experience in the enterprise security and internal controls field to provide complete end-to-end customized security, controls and audit solutions for EnCrisp®’s global customers. The ClearGRC™ methodology is closely weaved in with our modular services suites for;

  1.    Compliance Services
  2.    SAP Services
  3.    ERP Services
  4.    Audit Services
  5.    Enterprise Program Management
  6.    Controls Innovation Services
  7.    Enterprise Training
  8.    Custom Controls Software

Through ClearGRC™; we have the flexibility to custom-tailor an engagement to meet your specific business requirements, technical specifications and budgetary constraints. EnCrisp® helps companies to focus on fundamental as well as emerging IT issues as they develop and execute plans to respond to stakeholder expectations. Our services are based on best practices of leading organizations that successfully prioritize their efforts to ensure that IT investments provide maximum security and risk mitigation in the most cost effective manner across the entire enterprise. ClearGRC™ is completely in synchronization with industry leading controls frameworks such as the IIA Research Foundation’s eSAC (Systems Assurance & Controls) model which views risk and controls from a holistic perspective.

Source: The Institute of Internal Auditors Research Foundation

ClearGRC™’s proven packaged services model ensures that our customers get the most focused and intense controls delivery and risk minimization model with crisp execution and surety of success in their endeavor to achieve enterprise controls optimization in complex IT systems like SAP and Oracle for their internal audit and other regulatory needs.

ClearGRC leverages Platform as a Service (PaaS) industry standard:

  • Highly SECURE yet low cost Scalable and robust solution

  • Supports multi-user collaboration

  • Accessible from any web-browser or internet device

  • Readily cutomizable

  • Fast to deploy - no installation required

  • Maintains an audit trail of all activities

  • Provides powerful workflow automation

  • Can be rapidly tailored to specific requirements

  • Full multi-lingual support

  • Easily integrated with other applications and data



Key Features:

  • Creates a single repository of complete GRC lifecycle regulation, risks and contrls
  • Designed to addresses evolving risks-regulations
  • Relational mapping across all global GRC units
  • Each risk assessment has its own set of weightings
  • View controls and risks from a business process perspective
  • Decompose processes into process hierarchies
  • Full support for heat maps, including the ability to customize colour/weighting assignments
  • Manages audit processes utilizing’s powerful workflow capabilities
  • Full document management support for maintaining risk related information
  • Option to integrate with survey tools to help gather risk management data
  • Easily integrate with external sources of risk related data