ERP Services


EnCrisp® assists each customer in achieving the right balance between the ERP Application Conformance and Performance

At EnCrisp, we realize the important role that the new generation of ERP applications play in smooth functioning of organizations and their business processes. This is precisely why we deliver our packaged security, controls and governance services for most major ERP systems such as Oracle, Peoplesoft and JDE and other enterprise applications/financial accounting systems such as Hyperion, Great Plains, Solomon, etc. Our services helps ensure that appropriate processes and controls are designed into the customer’s ERP environment.

ERP Process Integrity

The success of any process integration into an ERP system depends ultimately on how well transactional and configurational integrity of data is managed within that ERP system for the given process. EnCrisp’s ERP Process Integrity services combine controls and efficiency analysis and take the organization’s processes to the next level of performance.

Leveraging the core foundation blocks of our EnCuRe methodology, the Process Integrity solutions cover the entire life-cycle of a process in a complex ERP environment. All aspects from Security Authorizations, Configurational Controls, SoD- Segregation of Duties to Manual and Hybrid controls are covered in the review and areas to improve control gap efficiencies are identified. Using specialized tools and customized business rules based approach EnCrisp controls professionals;

  • Analyze risks in business process and assess/test the Company’s ability to control the risks
  • Using a best practices approach techniques, benchmark your control environment to leading practices
  • Participate in design and development of process solutions to proactively address process risks
  • Using proprietary knowledgebase for different ERP packages analyze and evaluate your process cycles to ensure that known risks are controlled.


ERP Application Security

The benefits of process controls and implementations of ERP such as Oracle and PeopleSoft are negated unless they have robust application level security architected from the get go. Subtle balance between data availability and a well-secured ERP implementation is not easy to achieve. Our ERP Application Security solutions cover the entire life-cycle of a process in a complex business configuration. Interfaces and bolt-on applications as applicable are also considered in securing your ERP application.

EnCrisp services in this area ensure that by implementing security and controls correctly the first time we reduce rework and decrease administration costs – all with minimum disruption to the production environment. Security experts at EnCrisp have the expertise and methodologies to help your company develop a tailored, cost-effective approach to ERP security and controls. We apply our lessons learned from global best practices to address key ERP security issues & using specialized tools and customized business rules based approach EnCrisp security & controls professionals;

  • Evaluate & develop ERP access control policies and procedures for on-going sustainability
  • Utilizing field-tested methodologies and tools, facilitate the process of designing/re-designing appropriate data security
  • Analyze access to sensitive application objects, transactions, pages & screens as applicable
  • Perform segregation of duties analysis in all modules of a given ERP system
  • Assist with the construction, deployment & testing of proper security user roles & access authorizations
  • Assist with the deployment of appropriate security configuration settings and procedures.